Red Factor African Greys for Sale
Red Factor African Greys For Sale

Worlds First Ever Solid Red African Grey!

  First breeder in the United States to produce all red, Red Factor African Greys. For the first time ever, you can now purchase your own Red Factor African Grey Parrot. Wonderful, friendly pets. Great talkers and love to mimic the sounds around them. When hand fed as babies they are the most affectionate adults.

Stunning, gorgeous Red Factor African Greys

red factor african grey

Hand fed baby Red Factor African Grey
Hand fed Red Factor African Greys

We only sell High Quality Extremely Healthy
Exotic Color Mutation African Greys! 

No one else in the world can compare to us!





How the Red African Grey was bred.

 We have been buying Red African Greys and Breeding them together. This is an extremely hard, and long drawn out process. This breeding skill takes hard dedicated work into finding the right birds, and introducing them to each other. Sometimes this process can take years as African Greys do not mature and breed until 5 to 6 years old. We have spent quite a bit of funds, hard work, a lot of time in searching for the right birds to pair up together and that carry the Red Factor Gene.  

 And most of all a lot of patience in doing this right. We now have made it possible to bring you the "Worlds 1st Solid Red Factor African Grey" Which we have for sale to serious Exotic African Grey Bird Lovers and Serious Breeders, who can appreciate the finer things in Life! We also sell Red Factor Breeding breeding pairs, and specialize in African Grey Congos and Timnehs that carry a heavy Red Factor Gene. These Exotics are not cheap, as way too much goes into, studying, and obtaining these Rare and Exotic birds which is very time consuming.

We sell Proven Pairs of Red Factor African Greys and babies! We ship weather permitting, please contact us Direct for more information.

Serious Inquiries only please. (970) 799-9331


Red Factor African Greys For Sale 

Now we have made it possible for you to be a Proud Owner of the Beautiful Red Factor African Grey's! They will be available as pets to people all over the world. They're certainly beautiful and desirable!

The Red Factor African Grey will retain always retain their high level of intelligence and exceptional ability to talk just like their natural wild-colored Grey cousins.

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