Red Factor African Greys for Sale

Red Factor Afrcian Grey Breeding PairAbout Us

 Welcome to our Wonderful World of Red Factor African Greys! A little about us and who we are and how we got started. Well after seeing the "Worlds first All Red Factor African Grey" that was bred by a Breeder is South Africa by the name of Hennie Diedericks. We were so taken back and so excited to see this rare beautiful sold Red Factor African Grey bird that we have decided to dedicate our time, hard work, and a lot of money into trying to perfect and create the perfect Beautiful Solid Red African Grey! And YES we have succeeded! We now have the ability to provide to you the Worlds 1st Solid Red African Grey! Right here in the US! We have several Solid Red African Greys for sale, including babies, and we also sell Proven Pairs to selected Breeders and serious people that really appreciate the Red Factor African Grey! 

This entire project took us years and years of hard work, and dedication and of course a lot of trial and error. Until now that we are very Proud to say we have perfected the lines of the "Solid Red African Grey" Although of course they are pricey, they are well worth it! Having the ability to now own a Red Factor African Grey, and be able to breed them was a Miracle to us! And I'm sure you will agree...
Now because of all our hard work, research, and time and effort we have put into breeding this Red Beauty, we now have the opportunity to offer this FABULOUS BIRD to you! 
Many thanks go out to my wonderful husband who has helped me and stood behind me, and literally worked with me 7 days a week on my Goals of Perfecting this Gorgeous Creature! We are a caring loving family that adores all our birds, as if they are our children. We have 2 small children that also absolutely love and adore these birds, and interact with them on a daily basis. Our children pull the babies out of the breeding boxes and hand feed the babies at 3 weeks old until there adopted to a new family. Our baby birds are very social. Our adult breeding pairs are of course not because they are breeders, but their Vocabulary is very large and we strive in producing African Greys that will talk quite a bit! 
Our birds are in our home and not in an outdoor Aviary, they are a big part of our family! We give them the best of foods, always fruits, veggies and all types of seeds and nuts. We are a loving family and if you decide to purchase a bird or birds from us we want you to be assured that they are Quality birds that are healthy and happy. From our loving home family. We take great pride in our Breeding Program. 
The birds come from a healthy, loving caring environment.
All calls, emails  and inquiries are welcome (serious people only please) and we are here to answer all questions at any time. If you purchase a bird from us we offer you Lifetime help and Support. We are always here for you and to help and guide you. So if its a pet bird you want, or Breeding Birds, we will give you expert advise and guide you every step of the way! 
PLEASE CALL US DIRECT AT (970) 799-9331 to place your order for a Beautiful Rare African Grey baby with a Huge Vocabulary!